Request for Public Records - Sunshine Law Requests

  • The School District of University City believes that local control of public education is best served when the patrons of the District and other members of the public have access to the meetings, records and votes of the Board. The provisions, as outlined in Policy BDDL, govern the release of information concerning the meetings, records and votes of the Board.

    In limited situations, important considerations of public policy require meetings of the Board, including any record or vote, to be closed to the public. Meetings, records and votes shall only be disclosed to the public as provided by the Missouri Sunshine Law. 

    How to make a Missouri Sunshine Law Request for Public Records

    If you wish to make a Sunshine Law request for documents related to The School District of University City, please submit it in writing via email, U.S. Mail or in person to:
    Lakesha Boyce, Custodian of Records
    The School District of University City
    7700 Olive Blvd.
    University City, MO 63130
    Phone: (314) 290-4002

    Please note the following:

    Use the sample language for a Missouri Sunshine Request as provided by the Missouri State General's office. Understand that a fee may be charged for researching and copying of documents requested in accordance with the Sunshine Law 610.026:
    1. The School District of University may charge up to 10 cents per page for standard copies and a reasonable fee for the time necessary to search for and copy public records. 
    2. A response, including the estimated cost, will be provided no later than the end of the third business day after the request was received. 
    3. Once the fee is paid by the requestor, the documents will be retrieved, copied and provided.