Online Enrollment Process

  • online enrollment

    The School District of University City has an online enrollment process that ensures accurate student and family data while streamlining the enrollment process.

    Who must enroll?
    With the online enrollment process (using Tyler SIS Parent Portal) that was instituted in 2017, all students must enroll each school year for The School District of University City. New students (including all kindergarteners) may enroll at any time during the preceeding year. Returning and transitioning students (entering sixth-grade and ninth-grade) need to wait until the current school year is complete. Enrollment window for returniing students typically opens in early June. Current District students entering sixth through twelfth grades should completed course selection during the school year and still need to officially enroll in June for the upcoming school year. They will also be invited to attend a summer registration and schedule pick-up day.

    How do we access the online enrollment?
    Current parents should log in to the Tyler SIS Parent Portal using their current log-in information. Enrollment forms are on the screen. Simply complete and submit. Current families who have not used the Parent Portal will first need to complete the Parent Portal registration online. A valid email address is needed to complete this step. Once you have created a Parent Portal account you can proceed to the online enrollment. (Click here for more information about Parent Portal.)

    New families may begin by completing the Quick Registration Form (1-page PDF) and following up with an initial enrollment appointment with the elementary school secretary or secondary registrar. A valid email address and Parent Portal access are still needed.

    What if I don’t have a computer or email address?
    Computers will be available in the schools for enrollment. If an email address is needed, consider signing up for a free email account using one of the links below, or choose your own provider:

    What about all my records?
    Families will still need to provide documents such as birth certificates, immunization records and proof of residency. (Click here to link to Enrollment Checklist for specifics; or click here to view or download the Enrollment Checklist 1-page PDF.) Those documents can be scanned and sent via email to the student’s school. If student is new to the District, those documents will need to be delivered in person.

    What else can I do during online enrollment?
    Parents can review all of the District’s policies and update the media exclusion form online through Parent Portal during online enrollment.
    The District also launched Student 360 from Tyler Technologies. This application allows students to review information on their various devices. They can check grades, student lunch balances and more. Download the app from Google store.

    For more information about enrollment procedures for new and transitioning students, call (314) 290-4045.