School Social Workers

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    School Social Workers promote healthy character traits in students.
    The following words are part of the CHARACTERplus program featured in all the public schools in University City.

    • Responsibility: A willingness to be accountable for your own actions without blaming others.
    • RespectShowing regard for self, others, property and those in authority.
    • BelongingBelieving that people of different cultures, abilities, religions, sexes, and races are equally valuable members of our society.
    • CooperationBeing able to work with others to accomplish a task and/or play a game.
    • LoyaltyAppropriate support of a person or an idea for a positive result.
    • CaringA healthy concern for the needs and interests of others.
    • PerseveranceStaying with a task; not giving up.
    • HonestyA willingness to say and do what is known to be truthful.
    • Self-EsteemHaving and demonstrating a positive belief in yourself.
    • ServiceExtending time and effort to help others.

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    Which students might benefit from School Social Work Services?
    The following are examples of behaviors that may indicate the need for School Social Work Services:

    • lack of concern with appearance and behavior
    • excessive shyness
    • aggressiveness or impulsiveness
    • poor peer/adult relationships
    • frequent and severe mood and behavior changes without apparent reason
    • family or personal crisis
    • personal problems which negatively impact learning

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  • For school social workers' names and individual contact information, please see school site or call the following:
    Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Education Center
    (314) 721-2965
    Barbara C. Jordan Elementary School
    (314) 290-4361
    Flynn Park Elementary School
    (314) 290-4446
    Jackson Park Elementary School
    (314) 290-4458
    Pershing Accelerated Elementary School
    (314) 290-4160
    Brittany Woods Middle School
    (314) 290-4290
    University City High School
    (314) 290-4114
    Lieberman Learning Center
    (314) 290-4337