Counseling Services

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    What Do School Counselors Do? The school counselors in The School District of University City promote life-long learning through the implementation of programs and services that focus on four components:

    • Curriculum: Promote academic, personal/social and career development in students.
    • Individual Planning: Guide students toward academic and career development.
    • Responsive Services: Work on identified needs of students that may interfere with their healthy academic, career and personal/social development.
    • System Support: Support other education programs.

    Following the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program, school counselors address the academic, personal/social, and career development needs of every student in the District. (Click here for more information about what a School Counselor does.)

    Parents in Partnership: The professional school counselors of University City regard parents as vital partners in the education of students. The counselors’ goals are for every student to receive guidance and support in achieving his/her personal, academic, social/emotional and career goals. As partners, the counselors ask parents and families to continue to support this educational process by:

    • Being involved in their school’s PTO.
    • Attending guidance and counseling programs and presentations.
    • Encouraging child(ren) to do their best in school by working cooperatively with the staff, insisting on good study skills, promoting peaceful solutions to conflicts and carefully reviewing course selections.
    • Talking early and often with child(ren) about career goals and working closely with school counselors and the college/career specialist. 
    • Talking with school counselors; keeping them informed, sharing concerns and asking questions.


  • School Counselor Office Contacts:

    Barbara Jordan Elementary School
    (314) 290-4364

    Flynn Park Elementary School
    (314) 290-4424

    Jackson Park Elementary School
    (314) 290-4455

    Pershing Elementary School
    (314) 290-4154

    Brittany Woods Middle School
    (314) 290-4288 or 314-290-4289

    University City High School
    (314) 290-4110

    Lieberman Learning Center
    (314) 290-2335