Health Services (School Nurse)

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    School nursing, a specialized practice of nursing, protects and promotes student health, facilitates optimal development, and advances academic success. School nurses, grounded in ethical and evidence-based practice, are the leaders who bridge health care and education, provide care coordination, advocate for quality student-centered care, and collaborate to design systems that allow individuals and communities to develop their full potential. Adopted by the NASN Board of Directors February 2017.

    The school nurse will:

    • Promote health and safety of students and faculty, including promoting a healthy learning environment
    • Assess the health status of students and provide emergency and first aid care, as well as injury and disease prevention
    • Provide case management services
    • Actively collaborate with others to teach families and students self-management, self-advocacy, and understanding of their medical conditions

    University City school nurses adhere to the Missouri Nurse Practice Act, state regulation, and school district policies and procedures.

    School Nurse

    The School District of University City’s school nurses are registered professional nurses who provide nursing care and referral for medical care , as well as management of acute and chronic health conditions. This may include, but is not limited to, asthma and diabetes education and monitoring, and infectious disease reporting. We do not provide primary care; however, we can do follow-up monitoring, based on written doctor’s orders. A doctor’s order is required for any specialized intervention.

    Medication must be in the original container with a label attached. Prescription medications must be labeled with the student’s and doctor’s name,dosage, frequency, expiration date and pharmacy name and phone number. 

    School nurses oversee the following areas as well:

    • Immunization: Missouri state law requires that all students have proof of adequate immunization or documented exemption in order to attend school. Lack of proof will delay school enrollment. (Click here for immunization requirements)
    • Health Screening: Vision, dental and hearing screenings are part of the periodic health examination in schools. It is highly recommended that all students have an annual physical. It is also recommended that all kindergartners get a comprehensive eye examination from an ophthalmologist or optometrist.
    • Health Education: Health education encourages students to learn behaviors that promote, maintain, and restore health. Hand washing classes teach younger students disease prevention. Elementary and secondary students learn about nutrition, pre/teen health, concussions, and wellness. Health and screening information is in the school newsletter.
    • Community Outreach: The school nurse promotes family and community participation in assuring a healthy school and serves as school liaison to families and community groups. A health and wellness advisory committee develops programs to encourage and teach healthy behaviors for staff and students.

    Remember: Your school nurse is always available to answer any health-related questions. See school site for name and contact information.

    Additional Tips for Healthy Students

    The school nurse’s top priority is the health and well-being of students. Children learn best when they are healthy and happy. It is recommended that students:

    • Start every day with a nutritious break-fast and drink plenty of fluids
    • Avoid arguments or confrontations at the beginning of the school day
    • Get plenty of sleep. According to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, preschoolers need 
    • 12 hours of sleep per day, 5-9 year olds need
    • 10-11 hours, 10-14 year olds need 9 hours, and 15-18 year olds need 8– 9 hours

    It is recommended that parents:



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