Governance Goals for SY 2020-21

  • Goal 1:  The Board takes responsibility for itself.  The Board collectively and individually takes full responsibility for board activity and behavior.  Board deliberations and actions are limited to Board work and not staff work.

    CSIP Alignment: Effective Board Governance & Financial Wellness 

    Objective:  Increase the number of responses designated as strength (6-7) from around 40% to majority of the Board responses as positive. 

    Action Steps: 

    1. Board engaged in team building exercise StrengthBuilders test. This test was used to identify the strengths each individual Board member has and will help us work together as a team to and keep each other accountable.  Director Traci Moore led on gathering information and the Board discussed our findings at the September 2020 work session. 

    Goal 2:
      The Board delegates authority.  The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent to manage the district and provide leadership for staff. Such authority is communicated through written policies that designate board goals and define operating limits.

    CSIP Alignment: Effective Board Governance & Financial Wellness

    Objective:  Increase the number of positive responses.

    Goal 3:  The Board monitors performance.  The Board constantly monitors progress toward district goals and compliance with written Board policies. 

    CSIP Alignment: Effective Board Governance & Financial Wellness

    Objective:  Increase the number of positive responses as it relates to Board using data and question #58.

    Action Steps: 

    1. Accountability Committee is continuing to define the committee's role.
    2. Accountability Committee will present its recommendations at the upcoming retreat to the Board of Education on February 25, 2021.