Learning Reimagined: Curriculum & Instruction

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    The School District of University City's Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) supports the District's academic core by working in partnership with principals, teachers, academic coaches and others who engage with our students.

    The C&I Mission
    C&I's mission is to create a solid curricular and instructional foundation, so that all of our District educators are empowered to deliver rigorous, relevant and modern learning experiences that include high-quality curricula and powerful instructional practices grounded in our SEEAL model of learning. SEEAL stands for social-emotional, equitable and academic learning.

    The C&I Connection to Learning Reimagined
    The District's vision of Learning Reimagined is the foundation of C&I's  work, particularly supporting its first and second strategic priorities:

    • Rigorous, Relevant and Modern Learning
    • Well-Being and Joy

    The C&I Vision (The Team's "Why")
    All educators will be fully prepared, supported and confident to humanize, personalize, and problematize learning.

    C&I Values: (The Team's "How")
    We value rigorous, relevant, modern learning experiences. We deepen and improve the District's instructional core, in part by ensuring alignment between Learning Reimagined and all district curriculum, assessment and instructional practices. We commit to the District's Three Pillars to Humanize, Personalize and Problematize our work by:

    • Directing, guiding and facilitating professional development that ensures effective cultures of learning and essential content.

    • Creating a culture of learning by identifying and effectively utilizing high quality instructional practices.

    • Supporting teachers and leaders by ensuring that all students are engaged in culturally responsive work that centers on the SEEAL method, which includes social, emotional, equitable and academic learning.

    • Ensuring essential learning of critical content by adopting and monitoring classroom implementation of high quality curricular resources.

    • Equipping teachers and building leaders with skills, training and knowledge to successfully implement curricula with high-quality content that is aligned to the appropriate standards for content areas and grades.

    • Demonstrating successful student learning by our teachers and leaders through formative and summative assessments and goal-setting.

    • Nurturing academic ownership so that all of our teachers and leaders are engaged and accountable in the creation and outcomes of an exceptional learning experience for our students.

    • Ensuring that all teacher and leadership measures comply with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Standards for Teacher Evaluation and the Professional Standards for Educational Leadership