CTE: Mission, Vision, Values, Goals

  • Career Education High School Curriculum​

    Mission: Why we exist, what is the core of our business, why engage in career education in high school?

    Career Education courses exist to provide students with a successful experience using tools of the disciplines and to discover their strengths and affinities to prepare them to make informed adult life choices about continuing education and careers.

    Vision: What do we strive to be? What are we becoming? The purpose of crafting a vision is to develop and maintain creative tension, to acknowledge the difference between our current state and our desired state and provide the direction and energy for continuous improvement.

    We will provide an environment where students are engaged in:
    ● Inquiry learning and project-based learning which emphasizes students constructing their own knowledge and putting it to use.
    ● Raising and pursuing their own questions in the career education area of study.
    ● Common assessments of on-going development in the career education area of study.

    Values: What are our collective commitments, what behaviors do we agree to?

    The Instructional Core focuses our commitments to:
    ● Essential Learning: Backwards-planning thematic units from engaging authentic assessments that require students to apply core knowledge and skills to demonstrate understanding.
    ● Formative Assessment: Designing on-going student involved assessments of essential learning objectives throughout units.
    ● Engaged Classroom Communities: Proactively planning for highly engaged student learning through the use of collaborative structures, inquiry learning, and positive behavior supports.

    Goals: How will we measure our progress in student achievement?

    ● Common assessment results that establish growth during the course of the year and inform choices for other career education courses to be pursued.
    ● Improvement shown using on-going formative assessments and the successful completion of an authentic project tied to career education area of study.