About Our School

  • Mission: To provide a supportive learning community and challenging opportunities so that all students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for success in our changing world!

    Vision: As successful life-long learners and productive citizens of high morals we work to our fullest potential to make a positive difference in the world. Flynn Park is a school dedicated to providing a safe, positive, respectful place for students to learn each and every day.


    • To keep our students, families, and staff safe, we will:
    • Create and maintain a safe and orderly physical environment.
    • Provide an atmosphere of appreciation for all people.
    • Provide emotional and physical safety where ideas and relationships are respected.
    • Provide avenues of help for those who do not feel safe.


    • To maintain a positive atmosphere for our students, families, and staff, we will:
    • Strive to maintain positive attitudes and acknowledge and recognize our successes.
    • Teach, model, and nurture behaviors needed to be successful and resilient.
    • Support each other in a constantly changing environment, embrace change.
    • Commit to recognizing student strengths as we address their weaknesses.
    • Set high expectations and high standards for all.
    • Start with a clean slate for our students each and every day.


    • In order to demonstrate respect for our students, families and staff, we will:
    • Ensure that discipline is consistent and based on student needs.
    • Recognize that people have different needs which will be met in different ways (academic, social, behavioral; fair is not always equal).
    • Model and expect respect for oneself, others, and environment (verbal, non-verbal, and written forms).


    • In order to promote an atmosphere of learning for students, families, and staff, we will:
    • Recognize the four corollary questions as the heart of learning:

        1. What do we want children to know?
        2. How will we know if they know it?
        3. What will we do if they do not know it?
        4. What will we do if they already know it?

    Flynn Park Building History

    Built in a “Craftsman style,” Flynn Park Elementary School opened in 1924 to replace Creveling Temporary School. It was named for the adjacent park and the city’s mayor, Warren C. Flynn, who established the park system in University City. In 2009, the voters in University City approved a $53 million bond issue that included interior renovations and a new cafeteria addition completed in 2011.

    Photo circa 1924 courtesy of University City Public Library Archives