• Flynn Park Elementary School

    1st Grade Student Supply List
    (Click here for printable PDF)

    1 backpack labeled with your child's name

    1 pair of headphones (no earbuds) with child’s name

    1 reusable water bottle with child’s name


    Please do NOT write your child’s name on these supplies. They will be given labels for some and others will be collected by the teacher and distributed as needed.

    1 soft pencil pouch with 3 hole punch

    4 plastic NO clasp folders with 3 hole punch 1-green 1-yellow 1-red 1-purple

    1 pack of 5 plastic binder divider tabs

    1 composition notebook

    1 1.5" white Clearview 3-ring binder with pockets

    2 dozen Ticonderoga pencils

    2 large glue sticks

    1 box 24-count regular crayons

    1 box 10-count regular markers

    1 4-pack Expo dry-erase markers

    1 packs of 3X3 post-its

    1 box sandwich size ziploc bags (girls only)

    1 box of gallon size ziploc bags (boys only)

    2 large packages of Kleenex

    1 roll of paper towels

    2 containers of Clorox wipes

    1 bottles of hand sanitizer (8fl oz or bigger)