• Poster of district mission and vision College and career readiness is our district's driving vision.  It is at the heart of our work with students every day-to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and habits of mind needed to be successful in their postsecondary endeavors.   At University City School District we are cultivating a "to and through" culture, developing students who will both attend and persevere through their postsecondary pathways.  

    College and career readiness starts in preschool and creating a love of learning and reading can even begin at birth.  Reading to babies and through childhood everyday, in addition to keeping a home library with age appropriate books, are easy ways to ensure your child stays on track as they grow.  As students matriculate through the district they will explore career options and learn about colleges and universities starting in elementary school.  College visits will begin in Middle School and continue through High School so students are exposed to a variety of institutions.  Career fairs are also held at the middle and high school level so that students are exposed to options that suit their strengths and interests. 

    College and career readiness becomes complex at the high school level.  A good foundation is key for our ninth grade students so they can maintain a high GPA and earn a qualifying score on college and career readiness assessments.  Exams like the ACT measure a student's growth and predict success in college.  These scores are a result of cumulative learning and determine admission and scholarships.  At the high school level a robust college and career readiness curriculum is delivered by classroom teachers to ensure that all students, including those who will be the first generation in their family to attend college, have the information they need to navigate the postsecondary education process.  

    On this webpage parents, students, and staff will find a wealth of resources related to college and careers.  Resources are organized by grade level for easy access. 


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    Director of Pk-12 College and Career Readiness and Access
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