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    How much do you know about Dyslexia? Take our quiz and find out!

    True or False

    1. Dyslexia has a neurological origin. (Answer) (1 pt if correct)

    2. Seeing letters backwards is always present for students with dyslexia. (Answer) (1 pt if correct)

    3. Students who demonstrate characteristics of dyslexia have several strengths. (Answer) (1 pt if correct)

    4. District students will be screened on various characteristics commonly associated with dyslexia (Answer) (1 pt if correct)


    1. What are five frequently recognized components of reading? (Answer)  (1 pt for each component correct)

    2. List three common characteristics associated with dyslexia. (Answer) (1 pt for each characteristic correct)

    3. Why do you think these characteristics affect students? (Answer) (1 pt if correct)

    If you scored...

    0-4 points: You have the opportunity to learn more about dyslexia!

    5-9 points: You know a decent amount about dyslexia! 

    10-13 points: You know a lot about dyslexia! You could potentially teach others about the disability.


    To learn more about dyslexia, view the full Dyslexia brochure here.