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Pacesetter Award Nomination

Deadline is Third Friday in March

Click here to download 1-page PDF of Pacesetter Nomination form.

PACEsetters are individuals who have made contributions to a particular school or the district and are evaluated on the following areas:
• Commendable district/school accomplishments
• Above and beyond what is normally expected
• Special abilities that enhance student/school success

Whenever possible, nominations should include at least two letters of recommendations from persons other than the nominator. All nominations will be judged based on the material(s) submitted on and with this form. Attach extra pages to the nomination form if needed. Committee selection is solely based on the information provided by the nomination form and attached letters of recommendation.

Nominations should be submitted by 4 p.m., the third Friday of March to:
PACEsetter Award Selection Committee
c/o CarolAnn Cole, Communication/Media Services
Ronald E. McNair Administration Building
8136 Groby Road, University City, Missouri 63130
or email PDF to

Nominations may also be submitted via your nearest University City public school's main office, please be sure to address your sealed envelope as stated above and allow two school days for arrival to McNair building. Late nominations will be held for the following year. 

New for 2010: The above form has been updated to allow use of the typewriter tool in Adobe Reader and completed form may now be submitted via email directly to Note: If you submit via email and do not receive a confirmation that the email was received, please presume that it did not go through, and submit a printed copy as well. 

Printed copies of the nomination form are made available in public school offices as well as distributed through community sites such as the University City Public Library, Centennial Commons, City Hall, Police and Fire Departments near the nomination deadline.

New awardee(s) are announced during a springtime school board meeting and presented during the District's year-end Honorees & Retirees Reception.

For more information about this event, the selection process or to join the planning committee, email or call 314/290-4019.

Past recipients include:

2008-09 Beverly Brandt
  Bryce Cooper (#2)
  Pearl Jones
  Jim & Marcia Loomis
  Judy Maffitt
  Marva Miller
  Diana Nichols
  Acme Price
  Byron Price
  Barb Reilly
  Howard Sallis
  Erica Tepper
  Cindy Thierry
  Jan Vieth
  Dr. Elizabeth Bender
  James Crowe
  Jeannette Dampier
2006-07 Steven Baden
  Ocie & Kim Bell
  Stanley Coleman
  Derrick Coley (#2)
  Bryce Cooper
  Lynne Glickert
  Shelley Shray
  UCHS Athletic Booster Club (Nancy Mozier, president)
2005-06 Jay Burstein
  Carrie Costantin
  Jean Ferguson
  Gina Hasty
  Carole Niere
  Jeffery Roberts
  Tony Taylor
  TREND (Bella Quintal)
  United Black Drag Racers  (Darrell Williams)
  U. City in Bloom (MaryAnn Shaw)
  Ewald Winkler
  Writer’s Room Coaches (Sandy Marsh & Sigrid Renner)
2004-05 Elaine Alexander
  Kim Deitzler
  Dominic Geinosky-Pioter
  Michelle I. Gralnick
  Margaret Williams
2003-04 Nancy Burstein
  Mary Ellen Campbell
  Tom Campbell
  Traci Moore Clay
  CarolAnn Cole
  Lee Kincaid
  Su Schmalz
2002-03 Emily Hopkins
  Shari LeKane-Yentumi
  Sandy Marsh
  Carol Roberts
  Mary Schuman (#2)
  Brenda Stobbe
  Emmanuel Yentumi
2001-02 Ira Berkowitz
  Don Congleton
  Dawn Fels
  Quentin Freeman
  Carolyn Hellmuth
  Barbara Newcomer
  Patricia Parks
  Marilyn Phillips
  Calla Smorodin
  LaRita Hayes Wright
2000-01 Nancy Baglan
  Richard Chase
  Dr. Monica Coffey
  Bob Elgin
  Faye Keyser
  Shari Lekane-Yentumi
  Helen McClenahan
  Su Schmalz
1999-2000 Ponchita Argieard
  Ellen Bern
  Family Medicine of St. Louis (Fred Rottnek)
  Linda Fried-Ellis
  Ted Humphrey
  Wallace Klein
  Ken Wilson
1998-99 Derrick Coley
  Kathy Freese
  Linda Kraft
  Mary Ann Shaw
  Lisa VanAmburg
1997-98 Beatrice Blackshear
  David Cooperwood
  Laurie Falk
  Sharon Knuckles
  Fred Rottnek, M.D.
1996-97 Amanda Gordon
  Katie Krause
  Lewis Meyerson, M.D.
  Tony T. Taylor
1995-96 Robert Case
  Nancy Cohen
  Linda Locke
  Robert Moss
  Kimberly Parker
  Paul Schoomer
  Suzanne Schoomer
  Bernard Young
1994-95 Velma Conrad
  Barbara Wall Fraser
  Mary Hall
  Mary Sampson
  Mary Schuman
Recognition of Accomplishment Awardees
(Predecessor  to the PACEsetter Award)
1993-94 Albert Brown
  Dr. Victoria Gonzalez-Rubio
  Susan White
  Evelyn Williams
  Glenda Young
1992-93 Mark Brooks
  Roger CayCe
  Bruce Collins
  Warren Danziger
  Gloria J. Davis
  Elaine Hays
  Cynthia Moore
  Navy Construction Battalion, Hospital Unit 22
  Su Schmalz
  Alison Strunk
1991-92 Nicki Black
  Annette Hudson
  Monica Matheny
1990-91 Larry Mass
  Clara McCrary
  Jack Wiegers



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